Why is occupational health important?

It's all about managing risk and hazards, identifying potential mental and physical health issues. Proactive diagnosis prevents potentially harmful situations for your colleagues and your organisation.

Healthy workplace, healthy workers

We spend the majority of our adult lives in the workplace, making it a significant factor that could potentially have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. Ensuring workplaces are safe and comfortable environments can positively influence not only your employees, but also your business and prosperity.

The longer an employee is off sick, the harder and less likely it is that they'll return successfully. The cost of ill health and absence for businesses in the UK costs a staggering £29 billion yearly.

With musculoskeletal conditions, minor illnesses such as coughs & colds, and mental health issues such as anxiety and stress being the main causes of absences at work, we're here to help employees feel looked after, enabling them to take less days off sick and for your business to lose less money.

Key facts / Care of Duty

As an employer, it's your responsibility to ensure all colleagues are performing their tasks in a safe environment. Every employer must assess the risks and hazards within the workplace and actively work to minimise them.

Twelve Thousand Diseased Lungs icon

Twelve Thousand Diseased Lungs

12,000 lung disease deaths each year are estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.

1.4 Million Workers

Suffering from work-related ill health.

Work Related Injury

There were over half a million non-fatal injuries 2017/2018.

Lost Days

30.7 million working days were lost due to work-related illness or injury.

Costs to business

£15 billion was estimated to be lost due to injuries or ill health from current working conditions.

Fatality Rates

Small and medium-sized businesses also have twice as high a fatality rate than larger companies.

Positive impact on your business

Occupational health is good for business as well as wellbeing. Not only will it prevent absences from illness or injury, it will also help to cut insurance costs, reduce business outgoings and disruption, protect and enhance your brand image, and maximise the productivity of your workers - healthier, more competent workers mean more motivated, committed colleagues!

Looking after your most important assets - your - employees - is associated with a number of benefits to any organisation.

These include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced accidents
  • Improved business performance
  • Better workforce wellbeing
  • Reduced sick days
  • Better engagement
  • Improved morale

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