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With years of consultancy experience in Occupational Health, our professionally delivered services are here to meet your needs in all aspects of OH in the workplace.

We tailor each experience to your needs, to ensure you get the best advice for your business.

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a focus on physical, mental and social well-being within the workplace. It considers the effects health can have on your job, and vice versa.

The principle role of Occupational Health is to help prevent work-related illness or injury, and give health advice to businesses and individuals to ensure the highest standards of health, safety and general well-being are being maintained.

Healthy workers are key to productivity and a positive workplace. Research shows good health is good for business – with millions of pounds lost each year due to sickness absence. SureScreen OH aims to maintain a healthy, motivated workforce.

Hi – I’m Alice, Welcome to SureScreen OH.

It's our job to tailor each experience to your specific needs, meaning you get a personalised plan of action to ensure your organisation is as safe as possible.

Our areas of expertise include: Health Surveillance, Mental Health, Management Referrals and Health Promotion.

Alice Clarke – Occupational Health Technician

Who are SS OH?

SureScreen are an award-winning, UK business who lead the European market in diagnostic health testing. For over 20 years they have supplied high-quality health screening products around the world, believing pro-active diagnostics greatly benefits people's health.

SureScreen OH can help employers identify problem areas and maintain a healthy workplace. We are made up of experienced Medical Technicians/Occupational Health Advisers that are dedicated to developing and delivering cost effective bespoke services to meet any organisational requirements.

Why Occupational Health?

It's all about managing risk and hazards, identifying potential health issues before they develop to create a potentially dangerous situation for your colleagues. By screening for common risk factors such mental health and physical health, it can be decided if an employee is fit enough to carry out specific duties.

31.2 Million

Working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury (2016-17)


People killed in a work place environment

£14.9 Billion

Estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2015/16)

Tailored to fit your needs.

We will work with you to facilitate the effective management of the health of your workforce, whilst supporting employers to ensure they meet their legal responsibilities.

We work on a one-to-one basis to determine the best advice for your organisation.

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